Shannon was introduced to yoga 5 years ago and started by practicing Bikram Yoga .  She lost her interest after a couple of years, and didn’t find any other form of yoga that “clicked” until she found a similar hot class that was 60 minutes, opposed to the vigorous 90 minute sessions she was used to.   This studio offered a variety of classes, and this is where she discovered the Vinyasa Flow style, which she fell in love with.  She quickly signed up for teacher training and completed her 200 hour yoga alliance certification from CorePower Yoga in August of 2012.  After her formal training, she mentored with some of the most highly respected teachers in the area to expand on what she had learned in the classroom.  The biggest discovery of her studies was finding the power of breath in her practice.  She believes that by linking the breath to the body and movement, that the mind relaxes and invites stillness into our lives.  She believes that in order to continue growing, you just need to keep coming back to your mat.  It is here where growth begins, introducing order into our lives outside the classroom.  She is dedicated to serving her community and is excited to share all she has learned to make the world a little better of a place.

  1. Angela Bertolini says:

    Hi There;
    I just moved to Laguna Niguel from Seattle WA area.
    I love yoga and I’m looking forward to start taking classes. I has been a while since I stopped but I can wait to go back;-)
    Please let me know your schedule and prices.
    I am looking forward to reach the body and mind harmony again.

    thank you!

  2. Nancy Tall says:

    Hi Shannon, I took your fusion class on Wed and Friday (today) and loved it. Your mission statement is awesome and what you want to do to help cancer patients is amazing. Thanks again
    p.s loved your cold washcloth touch too!
    Nancy Tall

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